Binance Smart Chain-based Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game, X Rush, Updates Site and Initiates an Online Community Campaign

Binance Smart Chain-based Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game, X Rush, Updates Site and Initiates an Online Community Campaign

An observer wouldn’t understand why passionate gamers quit their day jobs to immerse themselves full time in online gaming. 

Some gamers earn upwards of $10k in cryptocurrency and NFTs every month by engaging in the metaverse and blockchain games integrating play-to-earn models.

But how is this possible?

It is simple. Most blockchain games fusing transformative P2E systems reward their clients with valuable in-game items and tokens for sinking their time on completing quests or winning tournaments and other beneficial campaigns.

This is why the metaverse and blockchain games are gaining traction, expected to rapidly shake the $180 billion gaming industry in years to come.

Introducing X Rush

X Rush is a casual, highly interactive play-to-earn mobile game that deploys on the highly scalable and low-fee Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

Launched in Q4 2021, it remains decentralized and offers an unmatched gaming experience where players can earn money. The game is compatible with leading browser wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and TP Wallet.

Using these non-custodial and secure web wallets, players can easily accept transactions and even pay Gas. All players’ assets will be displayed, and all their interactions posted on the mainnet.

The user-friendly X Rush game allows players to experience fun and thrill in its customizable space. Here, users can participate in shooting and racing in multiple metaverses. The ability of gamers to shift from one metaverse to another as users pick out their favorite racing cars or even use customizable racers to compete with others in tournaments makes the game even more exciting.

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XOX Utility Tokens and NFTs

Their overall objective is to benefit the gaming community and be a force as a go-to gaming platform in the months to come.

Interestingly, X Rush allows players to have fun by participating in various games while being in charge. For their participation in racers and shooting battles, they stand to earn BEP-20 XOX tokens, the gaming platform’s native tokens, as well as NFT collections, accessible to all players.

To further enhance their user experience, X Rush recently upgraded their website. It is now easy for users to navigate on the mainnet. Also, immediately on accessing the main page, there is an option for users to connect to the X Rush portal using their choice web browser wallets like MetaMask.

Afterward, they can link with their team, cycle through available NFT items, and view the project’s roadmap. Players keen on reading through the project’s documents can head straight to the document’s section. Scrolling down the updated website includes tabs on gaming items, the X Rush Gem—where there are play-to-earn campaigns, utility, and rights–, and the project’s roadmap and core team members.

Community Campaigns and Preparation for Alpha Game Testnet

Currently, there is an ongoing X Rush community campaign and a giveaway that concludes on December 31, 2021. Here, users stand to win limited-edition racer NFTs and BUSD.

Specifically, X Rush is dropping exclusive X Racer NFTs used in the game to ten lucky winners. Through these scarce items, owners have an edge and can earn passive income. At the same time, X Rush has an X Racer NFT Whitelist for 100 winners. $1k of BUSD will also be distributed to 50 lucky winners. The campaign is ahead of X Rush’s Alpha Game Testnet.

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Additional bonus includes rewarding users who join the X Rush Discord channel. Each user will receive 50 TIRE for purchases in Discord.

X Rush also participated in the METATHON by LD Capital, with judges from well-known investment organizations such as Animoca as a GameFi project.

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