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Beware of: Spider-Man: No Way Home Torrents May Contain Crypto Malware, Cybersecurity Firm Warns

Spider-Man: No Way Home Torrents May Contain Crypto Malware

Cryptocurrency malware has been found in a torrent download of the new Marvel movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, a cybersecurity firm has warned. “This [crypto] miner adds exclusions to Windows Defender, creates persistence, and spawns a watchdog process to maintain its activity,” the firm explained. Beware When Downloading Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie From a …

Top & High CPM Crypto Ad Networks in 2022 | Crypto Advertising Network

bitcoin advertising network 2022,2023,2024

Best Crypto Crypto Advertising Network in 2021-2022: Nowadays, it is very competitive for the Crypto Ad Networks to grow itself as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn has banned all ads, banners, products, and services promoting cryptocurrency. So, it’s a good idea to look at the Crypto Advertising networks targeting the crypto audience. …